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Instrument/Equipment Repair

Guitar, other instruments & gear repairs, set-ups & modifications limited services. We perform complete set-ups (adjustments) to your guitar & some other instruments. Contact Dave for any questions of our Repair Services (530-520-2667, [email protected] or come to shop).

Maintenance costs (parts and materials are not included in prices):

-*Labor charge for each one-string change on a **standard as GGG deems instrument: on a metal ball end stringed guitar OR bass OR other such steel stringed instrument $3/ on a stringed instrument with nylon tied string $5/for any other stringed instrument please inquire (all above plus cost of strings; inquire of a non-standard instrument such as a locking tremolo guitar, 12-Strings, Jaguars & Jazzmasters, Arch Tops, with tailpieces & such...).

-Checking set-up of a **standard guitar (as described generally above) $10: Quick inspection of outside of instrument overall. Tune. Check neck relief, action, intonation, pickup height (if set up is needed this $10 will go towards, see below, "Basic set up $45")

-Basic/Simple cleaning $15: Wipe outer body, neck, fretboard, headstock using clean/polish fluids as applicable. 'Erase grime on frets & if applicable oil fretboard. Check security of accessible hardware & secure if needed as is feasible (if changing strings add labor charge for each string change as well as add cost of strings)

-"The Spa Treatment" $30: is all the above including detailed cleaning. Clean & Polish entire outer body, fretboard, neck, & headstock. Hand polish (remove oxidation & such if deemed by GGG feasibly possible & non-destructive to your instrument). Spa Treatment alone is $30 but must do this service in conjunction with changing all strings so add labor charge for string change per *above as well as add cost of strings.

-Basic "set-up" of **standard guitar or like-wise-standard-stringed instrument (as described generally above) $45 (for bass guitar need check set up specs first to give monetary estimate of a bass guitar set-up). As applicable tune, check/adjust "relief", check/adjust "action", check/adjust "intonation", check all "notes" for acceptable "pitch" & that no notes "choke" with "bending' or such, check/(if possible) adjust 'pickups', play instrument for overall playability & undoubtedly re-check all above most probably will take twice or more till basic set-up is complete. If changing strings will add cost of strings. If there are issues requiring fret dressing or anything else need to be done that the above set-up finds then those will be issues needing discussion with you the client before GGG proceed with set-up unless its determined set-up be accomplished & any additional issue being handled post-set-up.  

-Other possible services $35 by the hour plus parts and materials

-If combining any of the above services please ask and we may be able figure out a discount for you...